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Acer A500 Frozen Screen Q: Internal Only - How do I perform a Factory Data Reset if my Acer ICONIA TAB A500 does not boot? A: Internal Only Note: The following steps will erase all of your personal information, all stored contacts and any programs you have installed on your tablet. 1.Power off the tablet. 2.Press and hold the Volume up button, which is located closest to the touch screen lock switch. 3.With the Volume up button held, press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds then release it. Continue holding the Volume up button. 4.Once the tablet vibrates, switch the touch screen lock switch on and off repeatedly while still holding the Volume up button. 5.Release the Volume up button and stop switching the touch screen lock switch once the "Erasing Userdata..." message appears in the upper left corner of the screen. 6.Once the factory reset has been completed your tablet will load to the Welcome screen. 7.Your Factory Data Reset has completed now follow the onscreen steps to setup your tablet. Acer tablet frozen screen
PDFMaker is unavailable in a Microsoft Office 2007 application after you install Acrobat 8.1.x (Windows)? Adobe Acrobat PDFMaker
Changing the Font and Width of a Vertical Spry Menu Bar? Adobe Dreamweaver Spry Vertical Menu
Changing the Font and Width of a Vertical Spry Menu Bar? Adobe Dreamweaver Spry Vertical Menu
Adobe PDF preview handler 64-bit fix? Adobe PDF 64-bit windows viewer handler
Acer Anderiod recovery image Anderoid Acer tablet
The storage engine you selected is not enabled currently? Windows:MySQL Administrator:Startup Variables:InnoDB/MyISAM:Activate InnoDB/MyISAM:Apply Changes; Restart MySQL Server Database MySQL
Dreamweaver CS3 keeps crashing Dreamweaver CS3 crashes after Daylight Savings Time ends If Dreamweaver is open, quit the application. Delete the WinFileCache-AD76BB20.dat file from the Dreamweaver user configuration folder. Note that on Windows, the Application Data and AppData folders are hidden by default, so verify that your Windows Explorer folder options are set to View Hidden Folders. The location of this file is as follows: Dreamweaver CS3 on Windows Vista: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver 9\Configuration Dreamweaver CS3 on Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Adobe\Dreamweaver 9\Configuration Restart Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver CS3 Crashing
Gateway Touchpad not working tyr F6 Gateway Touchpad
Lost partition table Use gparted-live-0.16.1-1-i486 Hard Disk Partition Table
Optical drive missing from My Computer. this procedure to resolve the error if the optical drive is missing from My Computer, but shows in Device Manager with a conflict.WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. This procedure involves editing the Registry. Using the Registry editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require the operating system to be reinstalled and can result in the potential loss of data.IMPORTANT: For some computer models, a utility is available that will automate the following procedure.NOTE: A backup of the registry should be created.Click the Start button, and then click Run .In the Run window, next to Open: , type: regeditPress the Enter key.In the Registry Editor window, in the left pane , double-click the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder.In the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder, double-click the System folder.In the System folder, double-click the CurrentControlSet folder.In the CurrentControlSet folder, double-click the Control folder.In the Control folder, double-click the Class folder.In the Class folder, click to select the {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} folder.In the right pane , click to select the UpperFilters registry value.On the menu bar , click Edit .In the Edit menu, click Delete .In the Confirm Value Delete dialog box, click the Yes button.In the right pane , click to select the LowerFilters registry value.On the menu bar , click Edit .In the Edit menu, click Delete .In the Confirm Value Delete dialog box, click the Yes button.NOTE: Do not delete the UpperFiltersBak or LowerFiltersBak registry values.Close the Registry Editor window.Restart the computer.NOTE: If the optical drive is still not working properly, follow standard troubleshooting. Hardware Optical Drive
Mount iPod as disk? iPod Disk
Work with two outlook profiles simultaneously? MS Office Outlook
How to find MS Office exe location? launch windows task manager; go to process; right click the process; click on "Open File Location". MS Office Executable location
Show and use email address and not Display names 1. Copy the email list from the outlook email. 2. Paste the list in word document. 3. Search and replace any un-needed characters. 4. Create or open an existing distibution list. 5. Choose 'File' save as and save it as text. 6. Import the list into Excel Outlook Display name
This computer is configured to require a password in order to start up Password Virus_Registry
How to: Use PHP To Check Whether Remote URL, Email Or Image Link Exist Programing PHP
Laptop shutdown while working 1. Fans is clogged with dirt - clean it. 2. Corrupted memory e.g. Toshiba Laptop Sudden Shutdown
HP DV9000 blank screen fix! Video problem BGA rework This fix also works on the HP DV2000, DV6000 and DV9000 there are a couple more HP's with this BGA video issue. Also effected by this issue are a couple Compaq models. The Comaq Presario V3000 V6000 and a couple of the Pavilion models. Video chip over heats Video
Windows no search no network nothing working Black Viper: Windows 10 Windows Services
Windows 10 services nothing work reconfigure windows default services manually; or user Blackviper. Windows 10 Windows services
Windows 10 Service Configuration BlackViper Windows Services Configuration how to restore default windows service status
Cannot find the mail icon in Vista Control Panel? Windows Vista Mail
"This operations has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer? Click Start than click Default Programs.Than Set Program Access and Computer Defaults. After that click Microsoft Windows to set programs included in Microsot Windows as defaults. Thats how I solved that problem with Outlook links .Good luck.I hope that you'll solve that problem. Windows Vista Default Programs
Problems when Windows XP tries to load the Agp440.sys service To resolve this issue, follow these steps to disable the Agp440.sys service. Important You must know the administrator password to complete the following procedure. If you do not know the administrator password, contact your system administrator. After you complete this procedure, any video adapter driver you have installed will be disabled, and Windows XP will use default VGA drivers. Insert your Windows XP CD-ROM into the computer CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive, and then restart your computer from the CD-ROM. Note Some computers may require that you modify the basic input/output system (BIOS) settings before you can start the computer from a CD-ROM. For information about how to modify the BIOS, see your computer documentation. At the Welcome to Setup screen, press R to start the Recovery Console. Press the number key that corresponds to the installation that you want to repair, and then press ENTER. Type the password for the administrator account of that installation, and then press ENTER. You receive a drive:WINDOWS> prompt, where drive is the drive on which Windows XP is installed. Type listsvc, and then press ENTER. Make sure that the Agp440 service is listed, and that the startup type is set to "Boot". Press ESC. Type disable agp440, and then press ENTER. You receive a message that the registry setting for this service was found, and that its current startup state is "service_disabled". Type exit, and then press ENTER. If you are prompted to start in Safe mode or Normal mode, start in Normal mode. Log on to your computer. Windows XP includes default video drivers that make it possible for your monitor to work. However, some features may not work as you expect with these default drivers. Update your motherboard chipset video drivers periodically. To do so, visit your computer manufacturer's Web site, and download the most recent drivers for your video adapter. XP boot problem agp440.sys dirver

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