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Approach Information Technology (ApproachIT), Inc. HQ is located in Brevard County, Florida, which is part of Florida's Space Coast. We are located near Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Station and Patrick Air Force Base. The Space Coast contains many high technology ApproachIT locationscompanies while enjoying a very low cost of living. These factors have attracted many skilled professionals and created a fertile business climate. Our presence is global and we have locations around the world in order to meet our clients expectations and being capable of offering them global products and solutions.

ApproachIT vision is precise and remains constantly in our management purview during planning and execution. We work tirelessly to strategize and readjust our strategy in reaction to the marketplace in order to maintain our vision.

ApproachIT is founded with a high regard for ethical and technical standards as defined in our Code of Conduct. We believe that the success of our corporation is measured by how well our people adhere to these beliefs.

  • ApproachIT team believes:
  • Our success is an integral part of our nation's security
  • Our progress can only be measured by the satisfaction and success of our clients
  • Our clients' respect is earned
  • Our most valuable assets is our workforce
  • Our commitment to fulfilling all contractual obligations is unquestionable

Behind each business entity is a driving force that justifies its existence. Innovative and unique solutions, commitment
to high ethical and technical standards, and total client satisfaction are the driving force behind ApproachIT.

  • ApproachIT team is committed to serving our global customers:
  • Select only highly qualified suppliers with proven track record
  • Hands-on technical and business consultation to suppliers as well as customers
  • Work with suppliers to accommodate customers' budget and schedule constraints
  • Risk mitigation to customers is top priority upfront
  • Globe reach to customers and suppliers - we make the world looks small

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