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ApproachIT Active Tenders List
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Date Posted ID Title Close Date Quantity Product Type Product Name
03/07/10 SCA_TUGBOAT_180TONE_2010-03-07 Two Tug Boats 180 Tonnes Bollard Pull 5/4/2010 2 Martime Tug Boats
05/17/10 SCA_150t_FloatingCrane_Contract_2010-05-17 150 Ton Floating Crane 07/30/2010 1 Martime Floating Crane
05/17/10 SCA_150t_FloatingCrane_Specs_2010-05-17 150t_FloatingCrane_Specs 07/30/10 1 Martime Floating Crane
05/18/10 ETP_MultiSensorImager_2010-05-18 Multi Sensor Imager 06/15/10 1 Imaging & Photography Image Sensor
05/18/10 HG_PTTS_2010-05-18 Projectile Trajectory Tracking System 06/15/10 1 Navigation Tracking System
09/30/09 SCA_1000ton_floating_crane_2009-11-20 1000 Ton Sel-Propelled Floating Crane 11/07/09 1 Food-Beverage Floating Crane
10/09/09 SCA_STEEL_PILLING_2009-10-09 Steel Pilling Test 10/26/09 2000 Construction Steel Pilling
10/17/09 NEW_SCRAP_METAL_2009-10-17 New client tender 10/17/09 1000ton Scrap Metal HSM1&2
11/03/09 SCA_gate_valve_2009-11-06 Gate Vavles with Driven by Electrical Actuators 11/20/09 4 Machinery Gate Valve
11/03/09 SCA_butterfly_valve_2009-11-06 Butterfly valves with Actuators 11/20/09 43 Machinery Butterfly Valve
11/09/09 SCA_Tugboat_Part_2009-11-09 Twin Screw Diesel Driven Tugboat 11/30/09 As Listed Martime Tugboat Parts
11/09/09 SCA_Winch_Motor_55_1306_Ossama_2009-11-09 Drage Head Winch Motor 11/30/09 1 Machinery Winch Motor
12/04/09 SCA_1000Ton_Floating_Carne_Contract_2009-12-04 1000Ton Floating Crane Contrac 01/12/010 1 Machinery Floating Crane
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