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Welcome to ApproachIT:
ApproachIT is made up of group of local and international companies who server our cusotmer throughout the world and each focus on specific business domains. As a global business link, ApproachIT provide international business consultancy to domestic as well as numerous international clients. Our primary focus is on presenting global opportunities to our clients. Our far reaching presence enables us to identify and link consumers with producers, sellers with buyers, and manufacturers with markets and distribution channels. ApproachIT services range from brokerage and consulting to commodity trading and IT services.

ApproachIT Business Domains
commodities computers batteries IT consulting
Computer Systems Electronics Batteries IT Consulting
machinery middle east consulting processing systems product promotion and distribution
Machinery Middle East Consulting Processing Systems Product Distributorship
spare parts web development water navigation others
Spare Parts Web Development Water Navigation Other Business Domains

ApproachIT has helped hundreds of small business to extend their products and services to foreign and unfamiliar markets by providing them with business consulting and technical support in those markets. Through our overseas affiliates, we offer multi-tier services to clients so they can safely and successfully operate in those foreign markets. ApproachIT partners are located throughout the world and have established strong foundation with large and diversified customer base.
ApproachIT and its affiliates have provided products and services that ranged from dry nuts to high-tech VOIP systems, weather stations, sophisticated medical equipment, ammunitions production line, cement, crude oil and petroleum refined products to name few.

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We sell a range of commodities and raw materials worldwide including, but not limited to: Crude Oil, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Fuel Oil, Mazut, Cement, Bullion Gold, Fiber Optic Cable, Scrap Metals, Alfalfa, Iron Ore, and much more.

ApproachIT locations
ApproachIT also is an exclusive distributor to numerous manufactures and suppliers throughout the world. Our business partners are globally distributed and we are represented around the globe; operating 24x7.

Because ApproachIT has a strong and reputable presence around the globe, we help businesses around the world to meet their needs and their end-customers' needs in providing end-to-end solutions. Our services in this domain begins with responding to RFP or RFQ, selecting the perfect suppliers/vendors and/or engineering firm, putting contract in place, execution of the contract, factory acceptance testing, field installation and check-out, and O&M - End-2-End Support  Domestically and Internationally.
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Our Business Partners
Cimax Machinery
abp Induction
HED Industrial
UT Batteris
York Machine
Suez Canal Authority
Sphinx Bazaar
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